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[ WH KINK MEME pt. 2 / meme / R / - ]


Part 2 !

[Part 1]

How this works :

Anonymously comment with a character or pairing and a kink, and a kind soul passing by will anonymously fill your request in a replying comment.

☆ The anonymity is a general rule to avoid shyness/hesitation/shame etc. Since we kind of all know each other around here... If you want to de-anon yourself, claim your writing or art and repost it somewhere, by all means, feel free !
Anything is allowed ! Gen, het, slash, femslash, threesomes, moresomes, incest, twincest, tripletcest ! My biases are so not obvious.
☆ Do feel free to add details. A "kink" can be a certain fic genre, a scenario, whatever floats your boat !
☆ Fills can be anything from ultrashort drabble to full-on multi-chaptered fic to art ! (If you'd rather have an art fill than a fic, just say so in your request !)
☆ NSFW-ness is in general very appreciated, but depending on the request, sex may not even be necessary ! So don't be shy, anon ! :)
☆ You may make as many requests as you want, just be sure to make a separate comment for each, and try to answer as many requests in return as you can!
☆ Requests can be fulfilled more than once, the more the merrier!

♥ Respect each other, no wank, etc (but I trust you guys ;3)
♥ Most importantly : have fun ! :)

• Here's a masterlist of kink memes from other fandoms if you need examples~
• And here's a list of kinks, just to help get us started. (Choosing a kink from this list is absolutely not compulsive, it's just there for inspiration~)

Index of our amazing fills so far !

• Cooga x Tasha - Valentines's hijinks -> OF MONSTER!KITTENS AND SPILT TEA [2 parts]
• Lee x Visul (x Yue) - anything -> GREEN-EYED MONSTER
• Tasha x anyone - sick fic -> COME TO BED
☆ any combo of Lee x Yue x Xing - Bairongcest => JUST A SECOND LONGER, PLEASE

... and the requests that haven't been filled yet. Fix it quick, anon !

Lee x Yue + Xing - voyeurism, optional threesome, dubcon, mindfuck & guilt
Tasha x Yue x any other male - Threesome in the backseat of a car.
Visul x Myun and/or Xiao - rough hatesex, non-con, humiliation, power perversion potential, etc
Ryuhwan x Lee - rough sex
Real!Xing x anyone - GR: lovebites, secret trysts at school
Words x Cooga - domestic bliss
Tasha x South - GR: crack, optional failed seduction plots from North & East
Tasha x Neptis - post-series: fluffy and funny
Tasha & Ryuhwan (any pairings) - They fight crime (buddy cops, bromance)
Tasha x East - western
Tasha x North x East - threesome (sexy, adorable, and funny)
Tahs x Cooga x Tasha - Tasha provokes Cooga intentionally because he gets off when he gets shot with Cooga's electricity.



Oct. 9th, 2011 09:01 am (UTC)
Just A Second Longer, Please
Here you go Anons :)
Even a little bit of smut in there for you all. It's not very long I know but I'm just killing time between studies.

Yue wasn’t sure exactly how he’d wound up kissing Xing –at least, he thought it was Xing, it could just have easily have been Lee, who he could totally imagine getting off on this kind of mind fuckery. But apparently, it wasn’t too hard.
The right words, a conveniently short dress -hot damn did Xing (Lee?) have fine legs- and a single white daisy. So he was a sucker for romance, who cares? It wasn’t like he was going to be the emperor or anything. His lips ghosted over a smooth throat and he started mouthing his brother’s collarbone, listening to the pounding of his heart and the rasping of his breath as nails dragged up his back, tracing his spine. Hips grinded against his. Or maybe he was doing the grinding, it was hard to tell so why bother. It was the same body, identical parts, easy to match and tell.
A hand gliding up a thigh. A short hitch of breath and a low groan. A circle of bruised skin still wet with saliva. A hard, throbbing organ in a clenched fist, slowly pulling and rubbing. Teeth biting into skin, leaving a mark as they shuddered and groaned together. Muscles relaxed, spent and tangled together, neither caring what was where because, hey, the same parts on somebody else’s body.
“Yue? Lee?” a voice that was intimately familiar called and Yue sat up abruptly, looking into eyes that were both bemusedly smug and glazed with the afterglow.
So it had been Lee and his habitual mind (and, apparently, body too) fucking after all.
Lee thought it was a damn shame. Just a moment or two longer and he could have had Yue confessing his love.

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