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[ WH KINK MEME pt. 2 / meme / R / - ]


Part 2 !

[Part 1]

How this works :

Anonymously comment with a character or pairing and a kink, and a kind soul passing by will anonymously fill your request in a replying comment.

☆ The anonymity is a general rule to avoid shyness/hesitation/shame etc. Since we kind of all know each other around here... If you want to de-anon yourself, claim your writing or art and repost it somewhere, by all means, feel free !
Anything is allowed ! Gen, het, slash, femslash, threesomes, moresomes, incest, twincest, tripletcest ! My biases are so not obvious.
☆ Do feel free to add details. A "kink" can be a certain fic genre, a scenario, whatever floats your boat !
☆ Fills can be anything from ultrashort drabble to full-on multi-chaptered fic to art ! (If you'd rather have an art fill than a fic, just say so in your request !)
☆ NSFW-ness is in general very appreciated, but depending on the request, sex may not even be necessary ! So don't be shy, anon ! :)
☆ You may make as many requests as you want, just be sure to make a separate comment for each, and try to answer as many requests in return as you can!
☆ Requests can be fulfilled more than once, the more the merrier!

♥ Respect each other, no wank, etc (but I trust you guys ;3)
♥ Most importantly : have fun ! :)

• Here's a masterlist of kink memes from other fandoms if you need examples~
• And here's a list of kinks, just to help get us started. (Choosing a kink from this list is absolutely not compulsive, it's just there for inspiration~)

Index of our amazing fills so far !

• Cooga x Tasha - Valentines's hijinks -> OF MONSTER!KITTENS AND SPILT TEA [2 parts]
• Lee x Visul (x Yue) - anything -> GREEN-EYED MONSTER
• Tasha x anyone - sick fic -> COME TO BED
☆ any combo of Lee x Yue x Xing - Bairongcest => JUST A SECOND LONGER, PLEASE

... and the requests that haven't been filled yet. Fix it quick, anon !

Lee x Yue + Xing - voyeurism, optional threesome, dubcon, mindfuck & guilt
Tasha x Yue x any other male - Threesome in the backseat of a car.
Visul x Myun and/or Xiao - rough hatesex, non-con, humiliation, power perversion potential, etc
Ryuhwan x Lee - rough sex
Real!Xing x anyone - GR: lovebites, secret trysts at school
Words x Cooga - domestic bliss
Tasha x South - GR: crack, optional failed seduction plots from North & East
Tasha x Neptis - post-series: fluffy and funny
Tasha & Ryuhwan (any pairings) - They fight crime (buddy cops, bromance)
Tasha x East - western
Tasha x North x East - threesome (sexy, adorable, and funny)
Tahs x Cooga x Tasha - Tasha provokes Cooga intentionally because he gets off when he gets shot with Cooga's electricity.



May. 9th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
Sick fic
Have fun <3
May. 31st, 2011 10:21 pm (UTC)
Come to Bed
Halloween doesn't get sick.

But Tasha does.

And when Tasha gets sick he stays down for a long, long time.

Halloween muttered under her breath as she pushed her hip against Tasha’s half-open door and carried a breakfast tray into his room. Orange juice, chicken soup, and toast with strawberry jam filled the tray but Halloween had still managed to cram a tiny mug with a daisy in it onto the overflowing tray.

“Wake up, you lazy ass!”

Halloween had practically had to fight Taras, Xing, and Cooga for the chance to bring a stupid tray up into Tasha’s room. But now that she was here, she couldn’t remember why she had wanted to bring the tray in the first place. Maybe it was because she didn’t trust the intentions of the other boys/men.

“Whaa…” Tasha woke up with a blurry look on his face. Halloween might have thought was cute. If that expression had been on the face of a six year old, then it would have been down right adorable. Unfortunately, Tasha was not six years old, so the look just made him look like he had just gotten smashed.

“Food.” Halloween placed the tray on his lap and made to leave the room, but Tasha’s hand shot out to encircle her wrist.

Tasha didn’t wear his fingerless gloves to bed, and the press of warm skin shocked Halloween.

“Stay.” Tasha said with a sweet smile. “I wouldn’t mind sharing the toast.” He added.

Halloween grumbled but her face was red and she obediently sat at the edge of the bed. She would have stayed even without the offer of toast. What kind of supporter did he take her for?

Tasha seemed to be incredibly clumsy when he was sick. Every now and then, an arm would brush against her arm or a hand would touch her skin. At the time, Halloween had thought wearing as little as she did would make movement easier, but Tasha’s touch did things to her insides that made it feel like knots were forming. Her heart squeezed and she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why.

“Are you cold?” Tasha suddenly asked. He pointed at the goose bumps spreading across her arm.


“Maybe you should get under the covers too. You might be coming down with something. I’m feeling better so I promise I’m not contagious.”

Tasha manages another winning smile and places the breakfast tray on the floor at the other side of the bed.

Halloween frowned at him but took off her shoes anyway and slipped under the covers. She hates to admit it but she had been hovering around Tasha’s bed all of last night checking to see if his fever broke or not. She was dead tired and she decided to close her eyes for just a moment.

She wakes up the smell of soap and gunpowder. Her hands are fisted in Tasha’s white t-shirt and her legs are tangled with his under the covers. She notices how her nose is pressed into his collarbone and how he is practically breathing into her hair.

The proximity makes her shudder and she can’t figure out why. The afternoon sunlight streams through the shuttered windows, but Halloween just wiggles closer to Tasha.

The boys are probably fighting over who can bring Tasha lunch or something.

So cliche! Q__Q Hope anon likes it.

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