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[ WH KINK MEME pt. 2 / meme / R / - ]


Part 2 !

[Part 1]

How this works :

Anonymously comment with a character or pairing and a kink, and a kind soul passing by will anonymously fill your request in a replying comment.

☆ The anonymity is a general rule to avoid shyness/hesitation/shame etc. Since we kind of all know each other around here... If you want to de-anon yourself, claim your writing or art and repost it somewhere, by all means, feel free !
Anything is allowed ! Gen, het, slash, femslash, threesomes, moresomes, incest, twincest, tripletcest ! My biases are so not obvious.
☆ Do feel free to add details. A "kink" can be a certain fic genre, a scenario, whatever floats your boat !
☆ Fills can be anything from ultrashort drabble to full-on multi-chaptered fic to art ! (If you'd rather have an art fill than a fic, just say so in your request !)
☆ NSFW-ness is in general very appreciated, but depending on the request, sex may not even be necessary ! So don't be shy, anon ! :)
☆ You may make as many requests as you want, just be sure to make a separate comment for each, and try to answer as many requests in return as you can!
☆ Requests can be fulfilled more than once, the more the merrier!

♥ Respect each other, no wank, etc (but I trust you guys ;3)
♥ Most importantly : have fun ! :)

• Here's a masterlist of kink memes from other fandoms if you need examples~
• And here's a list of kinks, just to help get us started. (Choosing a kink from this list is absolutely not compulsive, it's just there for inspiration~)

Index of our amazing fills so far !

• Cooga x Tasha - Valentines's hijinks -> OF MONSTER!KITTENS AND SPILT TEA [2 parts]
• Lee x Visul (x Yue) - anything -> GREEN-EYED MONSTER
• Tasha x anyone - sick fic -> COME TO BED
☆ any combo of Lee x Yue x Xing - Bairongcest => JUST A SECOND LONGER, PLEASE

... and the requests that haven't been filled yet. Fix it quick, anon !

Lee x Yue + Xing - voyeurism, optional threesome, dubcon, mindfuck & guilt
Tasha x Yue x any other male - Threesome in the backseat of a car.
Visul x Myun and/or Xiao - rough hatesex, non-con, humiliation, power perversion potential, etc
Ryuhwan x Lee - rough sex
Real!Xing x anyone - GR: lovebites, secret trysts at school
Words x Cooga - domestic bliss
Tasha x South - GR: crack, optional failed seduction plots from North & East
Tasha x Neptis - post-series: fluffy and funny
Tasha & Ryuhwan (any pairings) - They fight crime (buddy cops, bromance)
Tasha x East - western
Tasha x North x East - threesome (sexy, adorable, and funny)
Tahs x Cooga x Tasha - Tasha provokes Cooga intentionally because he gets off when he gets shot with Cooga's electricity.



Feb. 14th, 2011 11:07 am (UTC)
what day is it? the day we try to revive this meme!
Valentine's hijinks! Crack, matchmaking, misunderstandings, fluff and ~romance~!
Canon-verse or Gakuen Rakuen, anon's choice; preferred pairings would be Yue/Tarras (lulzy or serious), Yue/Tasha (same), Tasha/Aria, Tasha/Cooga (lulzy), Words/Cooga, Bairongcest, any Bairong bro/Visul, Ryuhwan/anyone and any yuri pairing. ♥
Feb. 15th, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)
Re: what day is it? the day we try to revive this meme!
Let's just go all out and pair our hero with everyone. Tasha/EVERYBODY. Even his genderswapped self. Happy Valentines to the best greedy bastard ever!
Feb. 15th, 2011 08:37 am (UTC)
OP says...
... that works, too.
Maybe Yue finally managed to launch an orgy? or is it a competition to win Tasha's heart between aaaaaaaaall his suitors? Anything is fine, anon! ♥
May. 10th, 2011 01:45 am (UTC)
Of Monster!Kittens and Spilt Tea
Okay, it's actually pretty lame and fluffy but at least I didn't kill anyone or maim them.
Hope you like it OP!
Tasha was under the distinct impression that something was wrong. He had woken up this morning to find a very fluffy, very white, very adorable kitten on his stomach, purring at him and gazing his way with massive blue eyes. A bright red ribbon around it’s neck had a tiny tag that simply said she was for Tasha. Beside his bed, on the little nightstand he’d payed a ridiculous amount for (his opinion only) was a silver tray with food on it. And a small dish of strawberries and cream. On the floor was a second dish, this one filled with cream for the kitten. Sans the expensive-looking strawberries.
This was not something that he usually woke up to. Thus, Tasha was somewhat suspicious and just a little bit unnerved.
His paranoia increased exponentially upon realising that all around his room there were roses and rose petals scattered about. Wasn’t there a witch whose supporter was roses?
Cooga peered in the keyhole to Tasha’s room, watching the albino male’s expression turn to ‘mildly freaked out and ready to go for a gun and Oh My God where ‘s Halloween?’ (Halloween was, in fact, being conveniently kidnapped by Lancelot)
Okay, so maybe the roses were a bad call. But Words had suggested them so that was to be expected. Words did not have a romantic bone in his body, so he stole the idea from a bodice-ripper he was reading.
But the strawberries (Courtesy of Linda and Monica) seemed to have had a good effect and the kitten was brilliant (She was his idea but Ryuhwan had obtained her for him since he had no idea where to get a Tonkinese).
Tasha was startled out of his panic attack by the kitten butting his chin for attention, demanding to be petted with a tiny meow. He reluctantly ran his hand over her back and found she was quite soft and pleasant to touch. He reflected that such a pretty and soft breed must have been expensive so he studied the tag closely, trying to guess who had given her to him.
The writing was pretty generic, not too flowery, not too spiky, not too curvy. It wasn’t particularly small or big, but it flowed from letter to letter easily. That ruled out Monica, Linda, Xing, Tarras, Words, Vihyungrang (the last three were hardly options anyway) and Halloween was unable to write properly as far as he knew. Which left Cooga who was as straight as Tasha’s dick got every time Cooga said or did something hot. Though, Tasha could be wrong because he still wasn’t sure about Cooga’s and Words’ relationship.
“Okay, fine, your name is Cookie,” Tasha told the kitten seriously, and Cookie stared up at him innocently then turned and offered the door a scathing look. Tasha repressed a shudder.
His kitten was a demon. Which made sense if Cooga had given her to him.
A curt knock at the door and it swinging open revealed Cooga, who glared at Cookie who now looked smugly at Tasha.
“Do you like her?” Cooga asked, sounding a bit too timid and Tasha realised that Cooga was indeed gay and quite probably for him. This made him somewhat giddy.
“Cookie is evil. You want to kill me” Tasha said blandly, eyeing him suspiciously. Cooga found this to not be the positive reaction he was looking for and fled miserably.
May. 10th, 2011 07:15 am (UTC)
Re: Of Monster!Kittens and Spilt Tea
This is adorable and quite funny, too. I reeeaaally like the line where Tasha figures it's from Cooga~ Thank you very much, anon! :D
May. 11th, 2011 09:02 am (UTC)
Re: Of Monster!Kittens and Spilt Tea [Part 2]
Five hours later found Cooga in the cafeteria with Words, brooding over a cup of hot chocolate (“Worlds best cure-all for broken hearts,” Xing had proclaimed). He wondered if he had been wrong, that Tasha was straight. So naturally, Tasha pulling him to his feet and asking in a soft voice if Cooga loved him left him flabbergasted. And then flustered because Tasha kept asking, voice getting louder with every repeat. Cooga’s automatic responsive action when Tasha had just begun to ask the question again in a loud voice was to jerkily seize the idiot by the face and kiss him full on the mouth, effectively answering him and shutting him up. It also served to effectively embarrass him when he realised they were standing in a large room containing around a hundred or so men and women and they were all staring.
Tasha did not give him a chance to react to this, pulling out a gun and a demented grin. The kitten named Cookie (Who would later become legendary for keeping both the rodent and stray animal population in the entire HQ to an extinct level but also for making Words spill his tea all over a book in surprise and surviving it) perched on the table, glaring in a way that suggested mass homicide. The combined effect was Words spilling his tea on a book (attack was super effective!) and the general population to turn back to what they were doing and ignore Tasha dragging Cooga away by his lapels as the kitten purred and rubbed herself against Words’ side, earning a grudging pat of respect from the blonde man.
May. 11th, 2011 09:04 am (UTC)
Writer Anon
It wasn't showing up so I couldn't post the rest of it until now.
Thank you very much!

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